But is there anything special about Metalpro? What can they do better than the one in my neighboring street? These and many more one may want to ask?

 It is not a fiction nor is it an exaggeration when we tell you we are simply all you need for the best metal and fabrication services. We have the raw and undiluted skills and our experience as reigned four generations

 Metalpro is a professional metal and fabrication service provider, redefining welding and fabrication. To Metalpro, blacksmith is not just an acquired skilled; it is in our blood.

 A stroll with our background tells you more about our exposure and capacity.

In the beginning, there was Metalpro, from the days of my great grandfather who history will forever be remembered as a legend in blacksmiths, hunting and farming. My grandfather became a farmer and a hunter while my father who is the most illustrious among them became a welder, a fabricator and a builder that trained hundred folds of welders and fabricators across Nigeria.

 He is the first professional metal fabricator in my family lineage though with no formal education but with stream of divine inspiration. He crossed the barrier of his educational challenge to trained 10 graduates among his children with all his wealth from only one source; Metal Fabrication!

 The fourth generations of welders are not only doing fabrication as our job specification, seven among my siblings are doing welding and fabrication professionally having obtained first degree in mechanical engineering and other related courses.

 Welding and fabrication is the blood running through our body, my family breath fabrication, we live fabrication and this generational work will be passed on to the next generation ad infinitum

 This is the history of our heritage, watch as we redefine the metal fabrication industry with innovation, professionalism and in conformity with international best practices.



Redefining welding and fabrication