In my over 20yrs in metal fabrication, I always ask myself what is the priority of client in choosing a gate, metal fence or even burglary proof? Most of the time in Africa, client are more concern about security than aesthetic. To us at Metalpro, our client can always have both. 

Measurable security consciousness while planning and building any edifice of any kind is the beginning of wisdom. Is there a man who want to plan for a building? let him consider all possible security perimeters.
A secured house is a paradise where peace of mind reign. Therein security threats are minimal and most importantly controllable. A building without a gate is an open door of invasion where perpetuation is easily and grossly invaded.
Most time, poverty is not responsible for the huge and unforgivable mistake of not considering gates while building an edifice but ignorance or lack of sense of value.
A gate or gateway is a point of entry to a space which is enclosed by walls. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative and use to beautify the edifice. Other terms for gate include  Yett. The word is derived from old English and Scots language ”, meaning road or path, and originally referred to the gap in the wall or fence, rather than the barrier which closed it. The moving part or parts of a gateway may be considered, as they are fixed at one side whilst opening and closing like one.
A gate may have a latch that can be raised and lowered to both open a gate or prevent it from swinging. Locks are also used on gates to increase the security. Larger gates can be used for a whole building, such as a castle or fortified town. Actual doors can also be considered gates when they are used to block entry as prevalent within a gatehouse.
Today, many gate doors are opened by an automated gate operator. In the innovative nature of MetalPro, we have in our reserve for you creative and attractive design for your building, gate, hand rail and metal fencing.
Metal Fencing is one of the most decorative effort in modern age house beautification, it is found everywhere, you can erect it in your houses, offices, hotels, schools, resorts centers and even in the sacred place of worship.
We operate an open design also for our clients with a particular imagination. Quickly contact MetalPro for the best of your gate, handrail and Metal Fencing in wrought iron on in stainless steel
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