Iyan lonje, oka loogun, airi rara lanjeko, kenu ma dile niti guguru (Pounded Yam is the food, yam flower meal is just medicinal, when there is no food, one eat pap, to avoid idleness of mouth, we eat popcorn)
Many people like my father love pounded yam that they could eat it 3 times in a day, 7 days a week and 30 days a month, they never desired any meal than their beloved pounded yam with vegetable soup. Their loyalty to this king of food among Yoruba people and some other Africans is enormous. It is a food with historical references to the Ijeshas and Ekitis as well as Oyos and a section of Kwarans. In spite of the popularity of pounded yam, it is majorly prepared traditionally by pounding boiled yam in a wooden mortar for a considerable period of time until desired texture in smoothness or elasticity is achieved.
In some creative approach to ease the traditional stress of pounding with mortal and pestle, some women have used pepper grinding machine to grind boiled yam in several occasions. The method is also not effective as desired, more so,  it consumes time. 
In 2013, from the depth of love my father has for pounded yam, Metalpro came up with a novel idea to fabricate a Nigeria made pounded yam machine which we called “Odo iyan” literally “pounded yam mortal”. Having realized the national issue of inadequate power supply, the pounded yam machine is therefore designed to be power with petrol engine; it is movable from one place to another.
The pounded yam machine is a combine technology of metal fabrication and aluminium which come in two specification per capacity of quantity of yam. The first can successfully pound yam for 15 and 20 people in 120 seconds and the second specification have a bigger mortal and can successfully pound yam for 30 and 40 in 120 seconds. Here is a pounded yam machine specifically designed to take away your stress as you serve your family, friends and well-wisher the king of delicacy.
Are you a traditional lover of pounded yam, food vendor, eatery owner, or an aspiring investor in food business value-chain, you may even want to create a niche in eatery from pounded yam, MetalPro is always ready to warmly receive your partnership, arise pick your phone and dial 07036360197 or click on www:metalpro.com.ng  for your quote and other necessary information.
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