When making decision on the choice of material to use in the construction works, the strength of material, quality of end result and economic viability are important factors to consider. Others are types of structural element and functional requirements of such structural element.

In the light of strength, finishes quality and economic viability, this piece will briefly address the need for the use of steel formworks as a mold for structural elements. Of course, there are different materials available for the construction of formwork. Different formwork materials include Timber, Plywood, Steel, Aluminum, Plastics etc.

Steel can be used as formwork material where a high level of precision is required. Given its rigid structural frames, it gives accurate result and a uniform, smooth surface. They provides excellent finish to the concrete surfaces.

Steel formwork is the most economical, though it is costly but it capacity to be reused for more number of times than other formwork materials will offset the initial cost of acquisition of the steel materials. Unl-

ess deliberately put under fatal, disastrous condition, steel cannot be damaged easily. This and the fact that steel is highly durable, strong and last for a very long time makes it the most economical materials for construction of form works.

450X225 AND 225 BY 225

For large structural works like dams, bridges, abutments etc., steel formwork is so strong and safe, as it doesn’t easily deflect, bend or change shape. With a good mix ratio that increases the setting time of concrete, steel formwork makes construction of structural elements faster to construct and speed up the entire project

Though, It has a considerable weight and may requires lifting equipment for large structure formworks with a substantial height, steel formwork easy to assemble and also easy to dismantle. With the use of bolts and nuts or hinges, it does not require an highly skilled individual to assemble & disassemble, just a little knowledge of use of bolts, nuts and spanner is enough to undertake the fast, easy and stress-free fastening of member frames together.

It has been argued overtime that corrosion will occur when there is a frequent contact with water. This is prevented during the construction of the steel formwork by the use of waterproof paint that prevent the steel from contact with water and thereby increasing the life span of the formwork.

Steel can be fabricated into numerous sizes and shapes of formworks at the clients’ discretion.

Great reusability..