In relation to change, some set of people are always quick to embrace new technologies and make use of it in their everyday life, some reluctantly adapt to such technological advancement while the last set of people wait until the new technology  become obsolete before they key into such opportunities.
However, the greatest disparity that exist between the successful people and those on the other side is the ability to make excellent decisions at the best(right) time.
In twenty-first(21st) century, it would be absurd or rather obsolete to think of sending messages by tying scrolls to the tentacles of a bird when you can actually  make use of instant messaging technologies that would enable you to send messages and receive replies immediately. So also, you cannot indulge in sewing clothes with your bare hands when a sewing machine can do so for you effectively and achieve better results.
Many people tend to wonder about the possibility of a machine pounding yam. Well, there is no need for arguments, seeing, they say is believing. The novel idea behind the yam pounding machine aims at achieving a pounded yam of an excellent texture that would maintain its high quality for at least forty-eight(48) hours. Like many other technological innovations, it will alleviate stress and achieve better result at a great speed.
For people that are into commercial production (e.g, caterers, canteens, hoteliers), this is their opportunity to increase their production and also cut production overhead  cost simultaneously. This technology is currently travelling around the world and its market is expected to have a skyrocketing boom very soon as local and international investors have shown special interest in this innovation.
Now is the time to make an order. Do not wait until every other person in your neighborhood acquire the yam-pounding machine before you make your own decisions.